The ACC Educational Foundation works collaboratively with community partners to explore, pursue, develop and implement innovative pilot projects that align with and advance our mission and vision. These pilots allow us to test and refine new ideas and programming that help support those in need pursue the education opportunities and assistance they need to succeed in life.

Following are examples of some of our current pilot programs:

Casa Teresa

The American Career College Educational Foundation is implementing a pilot program with Casa Teresa to help new moms facing difficult circumstances achieve their high school equivalency.

The organization, which provides a home and support program for homeless, pregnant women 18 years of age and older, found that many clients they serve often do not have a high school diploma or credential. Internal efforts to provide twice-a-week tutoring and assistance was not generating the results they wanted. So they turned to the American Career College Educational Foundation and HSE Academies.

We have been enrolling moms into our program, preparing them for their HSE exam and setting them up to take the test – all at no cost. During our 2015-2016 pilot program,100 percent of participants successfully completed our program and passed the HSE exam!

“We are delighted at how successful our collaboration has been with American Career College Educational Foundation in helping a number of our moms achieve their high school equivalency certificate,” said Maria Ayala, Career and Education Manager at Casa Teresa. “We look forward to sending more deserving students to their HSE Academies.”

MIND Research Institute

The American Career College Educational Foundation is piloting a new initiative in collaboration with the MIND Research Institute to test a unique approach to teaching math through visual learning software that uses no words. Since 1998, MIND has helped over 1,000,000 K-12 students in 43 states achieve exceptional math proficiency with math scores of double or triple those students at comparable schools.  Ascensus is partnering with MIND to assist them with a new group – adult learners. It’s a win-win for both organizations.

Through its Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math® software product, MIND is introducing this visual math program into HSE Academies classrooms. The software uses game-based instruction to help students learn using interactive, graphically-rich animations.   

This collaboration enables MIND to engineer and adapt a product for adult learning that has been originally developed for K-12 students. In turn, the Ascensus Foundation is able to explore new and engaging ways for helping our students learn and understand math.

“Working with American Career College Educational Foundation is a fantastic opportunity for us to collectively explore ways to bring visual math learning to adult learners,” said Jim Lund, Vice President of Education Success at MIND Research Institute. “We get to see how teachers and students react in the classroom in real-time and can then work to adapt our program to best meet their needs.”

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana

The American Career College Educational Foundation is working with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana to pilot a new initiative that brings HSE Academies to a new dimension of teaching.  Currently, HSE Academies teaches our course curriculum in English.  We are translating our English curriculum entirely into Spanish curriculum offering an entire population of underserved communities the opportunity to achieve their HSE taught in Spanish.

The focus of this programming is to help community members with Spanish as their primary learning language to earn their HSE certificate. We provide the curriculum, expertise and funding for all of the instruction and cover the cost of the HSE exam.

While in the early phases of development, this collaboration is showing initial promise.

“We believe that every community member we serve has the potential to do great things, and working with American Career College Educational Foundation is an opportunity to help them unlock that potential through education,” said Lupita Mena, Family Strengthening Coordinator with the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana.

American Career College Foundation - Pilot Projects

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