Getting Started

How To Apply and Qualify

There are only three qualifications you must meet to attend one of the HSE Academies:

  • Take part in a brief, 12-minute measuring assessment.  This helps us ensure our program is a good match to help you succeed.
  • Interview with one of our HSE Academies staff to get an idea of our program and how you can benefit from it.
  • Be willing to attend our program 5 days per week and stay focused. Your success is determined by how much you want to gain from this program.

Request for Information/Apply

For more information on our HSE Academies, please contact:

Adriana Boylan
Director, HSE Academies
Office: 949-783-4329
Cell: 714-402-5274

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Academies & Test Center Locations

ACC Educational Foundation HSE Academies and Test Centers are conveniently located in four Southern California locations:

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