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Student Commitment Agreement

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As a student enrolled in the HSE Preparation Program at American Career College Educational Foundation, I agree to the following (as evidenced by my checking of the box):

Attendance: Due to the self-paced nature of the HSE Preparation Program at American Career College Educational Foundation, I understand that it is vital I attend the prescribed enrichment appointment. Should I not be able to attend, it is critical I contact the HSE Coordinator either via phone or email. Furthermore, I understand that if I miss three consecutive days (or ten cumulative days), my enrollment will be subject to dismissal review.

Essential Education Software: I attest that I will protect the username and password provided to me and agree not share it with others.

Dress Code: I understand that I must adhere to dress code policy provided to me. No exceptions.

HiSET Password: I consent to American Career College Educational Foundation accessing my test scores from the ETS HiSet website on my behalf by using a password issued to me by American Career College.

All American Career College Educational Foundation HSE Students are required to comply with the rules and policies found in the American Career College Student Handbook. The Handbook can be found online at

General Marketing Release

As a student enrolled in the HSE Preparation Program at American Career College Educational Foundation, I agree to the following (as evidenced by my checking of the box):

I agree to, and hereby give my permission to the ACCEF to use my picture, film, voice, video footage, image, and/or written or verbal statements for educational, marketing and/or promotional purposes at any time. Any materials produced using my likeness are considered the property of the ACCEF and I will have no claim of ownership over any of those items.

I attest that statements provided are bonafide expressions of my opinion about the ACCEF.

I expressly release the ACCEF, and their agents, employees, licensees and assignees from any claims, liability or injury of any kind arising out of this production and the usage of my image or words.

I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve any use and of materials incorporating my image and likeness.

I agree to the above terms.

Academies Dress Code Guidelines

All students must meet the dress code at all times

  • Shirt/Blouse: HSE Academy issued polo shirt is required to be worn at ALL times.
    • If you need to wear a jacket or sweatshirt it MUST be worn underneath the polo shirt or removed upon entering campus.
  • Hygiene: All students must be well groomed at all times.
  • Shoes: closed toed shoes at all times, no sandals or flip flops.
  • Hats: No hats, no beanies, no baseball caps, no material headbands.
  • Pants: Jeans are acceptable; nothing sagging or torn. No shorts allowed.
  • Identification: Student HSE badges or visitors pass must be worn at all times while on campus or a visitor pass.

Any violation of dress code will result in either being asked to conform or you will be sent home for the day.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Preventions

The College prohibits the illegal and irresponsible use of alcohol and other drugs. The College will strictly enforce federal, state, and local laws, as well as its own alcohol and drug policies and procedures which support these laws. It is the responsibility of every member of the College to know the risks associated with the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs and to assist the College in creating an environment which promotes health-enhancing attitudes and activities.

The possession or use of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden on College premises or during any activities conducted off-campus. Faculty and student peers have an obligation to act on concerns regarding alcohol or drug abuse or dependency when encountered in the student. Students who need counseling assistance for drug or alcohol dependency should contact the Campus Executive Director or Campus Dean, Program Director or Student Resource Center for referrals. All referrals will be kept confidential. Information on drug abuse prevention is available at the College for all students and employees.

The primary goal of students at the College is to achieve academic excellence. Illegal use of alcohol and other drugs will not be tolerated. Also, irresponsible use of alcohol by persons of legal age will not be excused.

  1. At no time will the College allow possession, use, and/or distribution of an illegal drug.
  2. Students, employees, and guests must adhere to federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  3. The College will impose disciplinary action against students and employees for violating these standards of conduct, which may include suspension, termination of employment, or completion of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.
  4. Brochures are available in the Student Resource Center and the Human Resources Department.
  5. Information on Drug Awareness programs, counseling, treatment, and other related services are available through: The Center for Drug Abuse Treatment and Referral Hotline: 1-800-662-HELP
  6. Students and employees seeking assistance in overcoming drug or alcohol related problems are encouraged to contact this organization.

The following guidelines describe the actions that may be taken when students are suspected of violating drug or alcohol policies:

  1. Faculty or peers who suspect a student of alcohol or drug use/dependency (based on a pattern of behavior consistent with impairment) will document specific behaviors or confirmed evidence of such impairment. This documentation will be submitted in writing to the Campus Executive Director/Campus Dean who will determine the action to be taken. If the Campus Executive Director/Campus Dean and involved faculty feel the evidence is compelling and indicates violation of drug and alcohol policies, the student will be confronted with the concerns and evidence. The Campus Executive Director/Campus Dean and involved faculty will decide what type of follow-up is indicated, based on the outcome of this conference.
  2. If reasonable suspicion of alcohol or drug use occurs in the classroom or clinical setting, the student will be immediately removed from that setting. The faculty member will discuss the concerns with the student. If reasonable suspicion still exists, the Director of High School Equivalency (or Campus Executive Director/Campus Dean in his/her absence) will be informed and will determine what actions need to be taken.

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By clicking below, I consent to receive calls and/or text messages* by a college representative with information for educational opportunities at the number(s) provided above. I understand calls may be initiated by an automated telephone dialing system. I need not grant this consent to receive information or to be eligible to enroll with ACC. I also understand that if I no longer wish to receive text messages from ACC, I can text back "Stop" at any time to unsubscribe from the service. (*Standard rates may apply.)

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