Partnering Opportunities

The ACC Educational Foundation generally collaborates with partners in five core areas:

  • Educational Partners
    We seek to join forces with numerous trade and technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, universities and other educational institutions to assist students who achieve their HSE certificate to find the right pathways to higher education. For your convenience, click here for a list of potential institutions of higher learning in our local areas.
  • Student Referral Partners
    We collaborate with partners serving community members that may need our services or that have prospective students who can benefit by being referred to our HSE Academies program and/or scholarship support. As an example, learn how ACC Educational Foundation is working with Casa Teresa.
  • Program Development Partners
    We cooperate with organizations, businesses and others to craft, test and implement innovative new programs that extend second-chance education and scholarship opportunities for in-need community members. One example includes bringing HSE Academies teaching directly to a community-based organization, and providing instruction in Spanish to best meet student needs. Another is introducing and testing a unique non-language-based approach to teaching math at our HSE Academies. This pilot adapts game-based instructional software using only visual learning with no words to boost math comprehension and proficiency.
  • Employment Partners
    We seek to join forces with employers to connect our HSE Academies graduates to workforce opportunities and to provide businesses and organizations access to motivated, educated and trained workers.
  • Funding Partners
    We partner with corporations, foundations, philanthropists and donors to raise funds in support of HSE Academies, scholarships and more.
American Career College Foundation - Partnering Opportunities